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Welcome To Broadland Therapies

Broadland Therapies is an exciting new therapy service committed to supporting people achieve and maintain positive mental health in a demanding and challenging world.

As a Mental Health Nurse and Family therapist I have spent many years working in the NHS supporting individuals and families with a number of issues from Psychosis to anxiety. Through experience and drawing on a number of different models, I work with families and individuals to better understand how complex mental health issues may have arisen over time as well as be maintained. Ultimately this leads to a better understanding of such problems and how they can be alleviated through talking together. As a local clinician I have a good understanding of the local area as well as resources and where appropriate will refer to more mainstream services or clinicians where I am unable to provide the work that is required.

Broadland Therapies aims to offer you the highest standard of support and be there alongside you during your difficult time. I believe in implementing good evidence-based practice as well as bringing together practice based evidence from experience. It’s what works for you that matters.

 Initially we will discuss your worry with you on the phone and following this decide what the best course of action will be. We may decide that this is best through an initial face to face assessment lasting around 90 minutes to get a better understanding of what might be happening for you. We will often send a letter, with your permission to your GP or others who may be involved in the support network. We can work with various ages form children to adults.

Prices can be subject to negotiation as we wish to offer support for as many people as we can.

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