Initial Assessment and Individual Therapy

Face-To-Face Lasting 90 minutes and includes a letter to your GP. The assessment will take into consideration the presenting problems and worries, how they may have arisen over time and what the best support will be moving forward. This may include recommendations such as medication and signposting to other services if we are unable toContinue reading “Initial Assessment and Individual Therapy”

Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy? Family therapy is a type of therapy that can help families explore and talk about problems that have arisen that may be upsetting or cause members of the family to feel unwell. Sometimes families can benefit from seeing a family therapist as a family therapist can hold conversations that can exploreContinue reading “Family Therapy”

Couples Therapy

What Is Couples Therapy? Couple’s therapy is a type of therapy that allows couples the space to come and discuss their relationship issues in an attempt to find ways in which these issues can be addressed and overcome. Relationships can become difficult for many reasons and sometimes finding solutions can feel impossible. A Therapist canContinue reading “Couples Therapy”